First Sunday after Trinity


June 11 at 10am

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Adult Bible Study & Sunday School at 9am

Because of an audio technology problem, the service on Sunday, May 28 was not recorded.

   Greetings in the name of Jesus! Psalm 100:5 declares, “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”  


Zion Ev. Lutheran Church and School is located in Prairie City (rural Rockville, MO) about a mile south of B Highway and one-half mile east of O Highway, or 5 miles west of Rockville and 10 miles east of Rich Hill.  We are a member congregation of the LCMS, and receive with joy the gift of forgiveness that Christ Jesus won for us by His life and death on the cross. Come and receive those gifts with us! 


Adult Bible Class:   in the church building
Sunday School:   3 year olds to 12th grade in the Parish Hall and school classrooms

  Indeed, God is good! By His grace Zion has been blessed to celebrate over 154 years of His love and faithfulness, which He has showered upon the people of this congregation from generation to generation. 

   We are reminded of all the good things God has permitted to take place, as well as the many servants whom He has used to carry out the work of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus to the faithful who have gathered together at Zion for the last 154 years. Yet, at the same time, as we look back with fondness at the memories that have already taken place, we look forward to what God holds in store for the generations to come!

Thanks be to God!



  • Rev. Jeffrey Kyler is Zion's pastor. 
  • If you, your family, or someone you know needs assistance with an illness or a problem, please contact the Elders or Pastor Kyler.  Their phone numbers are listed on the front of the bulletin.
  • Items for the Sunday Bulletin, Facebook page and web site  Please contact Pastor Kyler

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